IndyCar Badge!

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Are you tuning into the Indy 500 this Sunday, May 29? Check-in on Miso to earn this “race-y” badge. On your mark, get set, GO!

Want to host your favorite show? Apply to be a Miso Host!

Are you the biggest fan of a TV show? A natural born entertainer? You may just have what it takes to be a Miso Host! Miso Hosts are the most passionate members of our community who help make Miso more fun and social! Just apply for your favorite shows and tell us why YOU should be the Host. Hosts are in charge of creating an awesome experience for other fans such as adding fun Pick Em questions for each new episode of the show. What do I get for being a Miso Host? The ability to create content like fun Pick Em questions for your designated show Expanded editing access…
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Miso and FOX Bust a Move!

Get ready, because Miso and FOX are teaming up to bring you Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance! Dancers from across the country with styles ranging from Krump to Contemporary will compete to earn the title of America’s Favorite Dancer. Host Cat Deeley will guide you on the adventure to discover even more amazing talent than ever before. Additionally, we welcome the return of beloved judge, Mary Murphy! Move to the beat with this 2-hour season premiere on Thursday, May 26th at 8/7c on FOX. Additionally, check out Miso for iPhone for fun new Pick ‘Em questions for every episode such as “Who had the most ridiculous…
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How redis can ruin your day, and what you can do to fix it

Over the past few years, Redis has become one of the internet’s more popular NoSQL, RAM based datastores, owing largely to its ease of deployment, the abundance of libraries/interfaces, available in a multiplicity of flavors  (we use ezmobius’s redis-rb gem), and perhaps most importantly, the flexibility of its data structures.  Compared to something like memcached, a cache key in redis can correspond to a single value (string or integer), a list (an array of values), a set (an ordered or unordered group of non-repeating values), or a hash (a set of N named fields, each storing a separate value). For many of you, none of that is necessarily news, and…
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Mobilendo wins API Contest & Miso Launches App Gallery!

In Miso’s first developer contest we received over 20 amazing apps and projects that leveraged the Miso public API (launched in January of this year). We’re excited to announce that the winner is: App Name: Miso for Windows Phone 7 Developer: José Ramón Claramunt Viana of Mobilendo This app was chosen for its extensive and well-constructed use of the Miso API including recently added endpoints that allow for episode check-in. Within the app itself we liked the intuitive user flows and slick design. We’re excited to see such a complete version of Miso now available for WP7 users! This brand new app has just been submitted to the Windows Marketplace and should be available…
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If you’re using to_json, you’re doing it wrong

At Miso, we have been very busy in the last few months building out a large number of public APIs for our Developer Platform. In a short time, we have already seen early versions of applications built on our platform for Chrome, Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry, Playbook, XBMC among others. This has been very exciting to see the community embrace our platform and leverage our data to power additional services or bring our service to a new group of users. In this post, we will discuss how we started out building our APIs using Rails and ‘to_json’, why we became frustrated with that approach and how we ended up building…
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Miso App for BlackBerry PlayBook!

Miso for BlackBerry PlayBook is now a featured app in BlackBerry App World! The app was created entirely by a third party developer  – Mokriya – using Miso’s public API. At Miso, our focus is building better relationships between friends by connecting them around the shows they watch. We believe that social TV experiences happen everywhere, and by opening up our API we invite others to help us create those experiences. Check out a demo of the PlayBook app: Still waiting for a BlackBerry mobile app? Sign-up here and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

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The Miso Sync Experiment: A Special Report from Miso Labs

TV watching is a passive experience. People sit and stare at a screen. But, if watching TV is a passive experience, is the second screen a passive experience too?   Back in January , we explored this question in more depth by experimenting with the delivery of synchronized content. Our internal innovation team, Miso Labs, created an experimental app called Miso Sync which integrates with Boxee to deliver a pop-up video like experience. The app pushes fun and interesting bits of information to your 2nd screen at the exact moment something happens on the 1st screen (TV). We tested the Miso Sync app across 5 different shows, with a group…
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Get Your Derby On!

Big hats, frosty mint juleps and wages up the wazoo! Are you watching the 2011 Kentucky Derby? Check-in on Miso to earn a winning Derby Badge! 

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Miso Summer TV Internship!

Are you creative, motivated and interested in social TV? Jack-of-all trades looking for the perfect summer internship? Apply now to be a Summer TV Intern at Miso! Miso is a fast growing social TV start-up located at the heart of the start-up universe, San Francisco! We are an intense, exciting, work-hard, play-hard environment composed of energetic and motivated individuals. We offer a mentoring environment where you can learn, ask questions, and have the freedom to create a role that fits your career goals. Come be a part of the future of TV — you’ll see really cool things happen in the company even in a short period of time! JOB…
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