You know you make me wanna…Shout!

We’re excited to announce another new feature in Miso for iPhone: Shout! Let’s say you’re watching a baseball game on TV. Wouldn’t it be cool to see what other people are saying about the game? With Miso Shout! you can cheer for your team or talk trash with fans of the other team. It’s fun because everyone is watching together! Shout! makes it easy to share reactions and opinions about anything that you watch — down to the specific episode or game. Shouts appear in the Chatter stream – a new feed for every single episode, movie, and sports game. You can participate in the conversation knowing that everyone is watching the exact same thing….
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Startup, corporations? Why new graduated students should pick startups

After reading these blog posts on why new graduates should or shouldn’t join a startup, I feel I should give my insights based on my past experiences as well as on my experience at Miso. First of all, let’s put that statement in context, as I have only just started my career and I’m not yet graduated. However, I’ve already worked for more than 1 year (full time and part time) at Société Générale as Tech Op, which is one of the biggest banks in Europe, and all of my past internships have been in startups… After coming across why we shouldn’t join a startup blog posts, there are 2 points I…
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Building a Platform API on Rails

Introduction In my last post, I discussed the failings of to_json in Rails and how we approached writing our public APIs using RABL and JSON Templates in the View. Since that post, we have continued expanding our Developer API and adding new applications to our Application Gallery. The approach of using views to intelligently craft our JSON APIs has continued to prove useful again and again as we strive to create clean and simple APIs for developers to consume. We have used the as_json approach on other projects for years in the past and I can say that I have not missed that strategy even once since we moved to…
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Check-in to Sports Games & Pick Your Team!

People love sharing what game they are watching. We want to make this easier.        In the same way that Miso users prefer to check-in TV episodes, we know that sports fans prefer to share the exact game they are watching — not just the team or the league. In fact, up until now we’ve relied on dedicated fans who have added a lot of this content to Miso manually for every single game (A big thank you to all those users who’ve helped!!). New sports pages on Miso now let you check-in to the exact sports game you are watching on TV. Game pages for popular sports are accurately…
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They’re Baaaaaaack!

Miso and WE tv are getting hitched and you won’t want to miss it. Join us as we celebrate an all-new Season of Bridezillas, premiering this Sunday, June 12th at 9/8c on WE tv! Prepare to be shocked, delighted and entertained as these Brides-To-Be make their journey to the aisle. Join in the frenzy with fun Pick ‘Em questions on Miso for iPhone for EVERY episode such as “Which Bride is the biggest diva?” or “Who should win the Bridesmaid-of-the-Year Award?” Make the day perfect by checking in for these hysterical badges!

Hybrid (Native + Web) Mobile App Development • Part 1: The Motivation.

In the Beginning Miso’s most popular platform, the iPhone, was initially conceived through the use of iOS’s native framework. Aside from occasional REST API calls to the web server for data, the entire user experience was delivered through native UI elements provided to us by the iOS SDK. Everything was great! Native apps are fast, performant, and did its job. As the iPhone app gained popularity and traction with the community, the natural next move was to bring the Miso experience to other mobile platforms. Thus, the android, iPad versions of Miso were born driving even more users to our service. And then? While native apps certainly have their advantages,…
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Low hanging fruit for Ruby performance optimization in Rails

Our goal: we currently spend about 150-180 ms in Ruby for an average web request, and we think it’s reasonable to improve that to be around 100 ms. Two of the most expensive operations in Ruby are: object allocation and garbage collection. Unfortunately, in Ruby (unlike Java), garbage collection is synchronous and can have a major impact on the performance of requests. If you’ve ever noticed that a partial template rendering occasionally randomly takes a couple of seconds, you’re probably observing a request triggering garbage collection. The good news: it’s easy to quickly (< 10 min) see how much your app is impacted from garbage collection. You’re likely to improve…
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Something’s Cooking!

Miso & FOX are heading to the kitchen for an all-new Season of MasterChef! The stakes are higher this season as talented Chefs from all walks of life come out of the woodwork to compete. Judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich are back to see who can create perfection on a plate. Tune in to the two-day Season Premiere on Monday June 6th and Tuesday June 7th at 8/7c on FOX! Satisfy your appetite with fresh Pick ‘Em questions on Miso for iPhone for every episode such as “Which judge is too easy on the contestants?” or “Who do you think will win MasterChef?” Don’t forget to check-in…
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Miso & Showtime Heat Things Up!

It’s summertime, and Miso & Showtime are bringing the heat. Get ready for the Season Premiere of The Real L Word this Sunday, June 5th at 10PM ET/PT on Showtime. The ladies are getting dirty this season, and Whitney is back to stir the pot. Check-in to earn these sexy badges! Also, keep up with the action and discuss the show with amusing Pick ‘Em Questions on Miso for iPhone such as “Who are you most excited to get to know this season?” or “Who is the biggest flirt?” Don’t forget to come back and Pick ‘Em each week because for the first time in the history of Miso, YOU…
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