Adventures in Scaling, Part 2: PostgreSQL

Several months ago, I wrote a post about REE Garbage Collection Tuning with the intent of kicking off a series dedicated to different approaches and methods applied at Miso in order to scale our service. This time around I wanted to focus on how to setup PostgreSQL on a dedicated server instance. In addition, I will cover how to tweak the configuration settings as a first-pass towards optimizing database performance and explain which parameters are the most important. Why PostgreSQL? Before I begin covering these topics, I want to briefly touch on why our application (and this tutorial) is centered on PostgreSQL and not one of the many other RDBMS…
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Persist your data in YAML files instead of SQL database. Wait what?

Why YAML Record? At Miso, we occasionally ran into situations where we wanted to persist simple data to a text (or yaml) file. Examples include landing page email forms, contact forms, feedback forms, about us “team” pages, etc. In these situations, we wanted a way to persist data to YAML and easily view the results in a text file but also manage the data through forms and controllers as any other data. To achieve this we have created a YAML-backed persistence engine called YAML Record that allows access to YAML based data using a familiar ActiveRecord API. If you have a small amount of data to persist which changes infrequently but that you do need…
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Hybrid (Native + Web) Mobile App Development • Part 2: Maintaining EJS templates, and Bridging Interactions

Welcome to part 2 of this multi-part series of blog posts where we venture into the world of hybrid frameworks. This is where we get into the juicy stuff, if you are new to this, I suggest reading part 1 to understand the motivation behind this approach. Big Picture Stuff In a nutshell, what we’re trying to do here is mash a JSON response from a RESTful API call with a ejs (similar to rail’s erb) template to form the html to be rendered by a UIWebview. Simple, until you start asking questions such as how to an element to transition to a different state? How do you AJAX style interactions?…
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Miso & Sundance Channel Take Over Your Tastebuds!

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Sundance Channel for their new original series, Ludo Bites America which premieres Tuesday July 19th at 9pm E/P. 5-star chef Ludo Lefebvre and his wife Krissy broke the rules with their LA pop-up restaurant. Now they’re opening for one night culinary stands across the country and reinventing American classics. Each week they take on a new city, a new menu, a new drama. Experience the mouth watering culinary road trip on Sundance Channel, and check in on Miso to share and engage in fun conversations. When Ludo goes hog wild for Carolina BBQ, we want to know, “What part of the pig…
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Live Chat with the Miso Team!

Watch the new episode of Wipeout Thursday, July 14 at 8e/7c and chat live with the Miso team in our new chatter stream on the iPhone or on the episode page on the web! The team will be joining you in sharing our reactions and opinions of the episode while it’s all happening! We invite you to come participate in the conversation with us. West-coast watcher? No problem. Read through our Chatter after and tell us what you think of the episode! :)

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Miso Badge Contest!

Have a great idea for a new badge? Want to see it on Miso? Well then the Miso Badge Contest is just for you!

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Miso Hackathon I

Miso (and I) had our first Hackathon last week, and both of us survived! Our goal: conceive of an idea and build it within 3 days. We built Listify – an iPhone app that let’s you create, browse, and upvote lists of TV show and movies. Also with accompanying web landing pages. A Little Bit of Context At Miso, we’ve been working on making fun things for people watching TV, starting with check-ins, but experimenting with synchronized trivia, exclusive content, live Q & A. However, over the last three months, we’ve been focusing on ideas that connect friends around what they watch. Why a Hackathon? Entrepreneurs seem to be drinking…
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Miso Goes Down Under with Network TEN!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Network TEN for the hugely popular MasterChef Australia and new upcoming series, The Renovators. By using the themes of each show and episode, Miso and Network TEN will create fun ways for fans and friends to connect with one another while they watch. iPhone users can answer fun Pick ‘Em questions such as “What dish was your favorite?” You can also chat along with other fans in Miso’s Chatter stream on Miso for iPhone and rate each episode to share with friends. Additionally, Miso users who check in and share when they watch these two shows will unlock exclusive Badges to show…
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Le Tour de Miso!

Have you been watching the Tour de France 2011? Check-in to the stages on Miso to earn limited-time only 2011 Tour de France badges! Here are a few hints to get you pumped up! ;) Mountain Master. Those mountains are monstrous! Keep checking in to the Tour de France 2011 stages and make your way up! Green Guru. Sprint through a few stages of the Tour de France to earn this maillot vert. Cyclin’ Clean. Say NO! to dopping! Show you’re devotion by watching several more stages. Maillot Jaune. Keep pushing and peddling! The yellow jersey requires extreme endurance and dedication! Happy watching (and cycling!)

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