Kickstart 2012 with Miso & Halogen!

It can be hard to stick to those New Year’s weight-loss resolutions, but research shows it’s much easier with support! That’s why social TV app, Miso, and socially-conscious network, Halogen TV, are pairing up once again! This time we’re bringing you SideShows for a ten-episode New Year’s Day Marathon of The Biggest Loser Season 1. You may have seen The Biggest Loser before–but definitely not like this. Starting at 10am ET Jan 1, 2012, sync your Miso iPhone app for fun SideShows to connect and interact with the compelling weight-loss drama like never before. With Miso, Halogen TV, and The Biggest Loser on your side, it will be easier to…
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Tune In to TV with SideShows

From the start, our vision at Miso was to make TV better. People love sharing what they’re watching but there’s a whole lot more to your favorite shows. We’re excited to share a new and fun way to watch TV: SideShows. SideShows are interactive content experiences that play on your phone while you watch TV. How many times have you wondered what song was playing on a show, or wanted to discuss who will win the Iron Chef Chairman Challenge? Maybe you’ve seen an actor before, but just can’t quite place where you’ve seen him. Or perhaps Phil Dunphy said something hilarious and you want to share it with your…
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Turn ruby code into simple daemons with Dante

Context At Miso, the engineering team has recently been working on a major shift to our architecture. Namely, moving to a much purer service oriented approach. Our new strategy as a whole is going to be the subject of many blog posts in the future. This transition has required us to setup a lot of new services. These services range from small API services written in Sinatra and Renee to front-end heavy services in Padrino, even to internal services communicating with protobuf messages. Every one of these services has a lot of shared behaviors in common; each needs to log output, be monitored, be daemonized and easily start / stoppable,…
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Miso & FOX are headed to Sectionals!

Attention fellow Gleeks: it’s almost time for the greatest showdown in the history of McKinley High! The veteran New Directions and the up-and-coming Trouble Tones will face off for sectionals on Tuesday at 8/7c on FOX! Which team are YOU rooting for?  Check-in to Glee on Miso and cast your vote by using either hashtag: #NewDirections or #TroubleTones Share your check-in to Twitter and you could win an official Glee Dodgeball! FOX and Miso will be tallying your votes! What are you waiting for? Don’t delay — you won’t want to dodge this slamming badge!

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Khosla Invests in Miso to Lead TV 2.0

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since January. We announced our Series A round, approached 100K users, announced a partnership with OWN and introduced the Miso API. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing on Khosla Ventures as a new investor in Miso as a part of an additional $4M in financing. Khosla Ventures led the round with Google Ventures and Hearst Interactive Media, and to date we have raised $6M. Khosla Ventures is known for its reputation for building great companies, such as Square and Meebo, and we’re excited to be a part of that same roster. We’re grateful for the rare opportunity to learn from…
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